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Best answer: Douse them all with gasoline. If you have bottle rockets, throw one of them in from a safe distance. That's what I would do. Otherwise pour a trail of gas out to a safe distance and light it. These people advising you to use diesel are p*ssies.

Best answer: If you live in central England and have experienced 6 days(this week) without seeing the sun .......yes!

What is wrong with the world?

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Best answer: People are being dumb and stupid.

What's going to happen?

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I can't stand up for myself. My family stands up for me. But one day they won't be around. So who's going to stand up for me? No one will be around to stand up for me. What's going to happen to me?

I do demolition work and I recently found more than 1,000 cans of R22 Freon at one of my job sites. We've been throwing them in the air and shooting them, but that's getting boring. Will they explode if we put them in a bonfire? I'm looking for a way to get rid of them and have some fun at the same time. show more

Best answer: You should have jammed the book up your assaultant’s a$&

Is that person s favorite number 365..???


Best answer: No rats are like humans and that would be like saying driving over a human would cause a human festation in my house.

Best answer: I’m not a meteorologist, so I can’t give you the specifics although this year we had a mild winter so felt sooner

Best answer: because those people think man's religion and "beliefs" are nature..haha men love to brainwash the masses, brandon?

The US is currently the world leader in reducing carbon emissions even after leaving the Paris agreement.

What causes medical waste?

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Best answer: Just another a Marxist ploy to redistribute wealth...climatologists are no different from psychologists, quack 'scientists'.

Best answer: Because she knows full well that the use of fossil fuels & human overpopulation is a far more significant contributor to climate change than burger consumption & cow farts will ever be

Like an auxiliary cord on the side that goes into the input hole but that things on both sides. I saw one and I don’t remember what my friend told me about it