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Best answer: NYC probably not, one of the worst for health safety etc.

Best answer: There is no population control and the best way to do reduce population growth is to have social welfare combined with birth control like the pill and condoms. The other alternative is to wage wars. (I would help out by suicide rather then killing another human being.)

Pros and cons of solar panels?

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What about all the plastic cups? Aren't straws just a drop in the bucket for plastic waste and pollution? Cars have hundreds of pounds of plastic parts that are not recycled. Is the straw issue a fake issue to distract from the grocery bag problem?

Best answer: I perfected that same drinking technique when I was a very small child, therefore rarely needed to use straws. For the life of me I cannot comprehend why others don't learn to do the same.

Best answer: You can't be much of a visionary with your head up where the sun don't shine. That gives you a shitty outlook on life.

Which factors lead to global warming?

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Best answer: I would say none of the above, but D is the "least bad" choice.

I'm interested in storing energy from solar panels at home, but I don't want to use batteries because these I can't replace them if they break (unless you know a recipe that is efficient). What is the best way to store energy other than batteries?

If you get pregnant out of wedlock and cannot support your child, you will receive tons of handouts such as subsidized housing, WIC, food stamps, daycare assurance.

Why are English fans so low class?

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Why are English fans so low class?

Environmental Science - American School

Is going solar worth it? residential?

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It seems that liberals care more about hate and revenge for a 2016 election, than actually caring about how well the country is doing. If the country does well then shouldn't that be good for all people? Regardless if it's a democrat or republican. 3.4 percent economic growth, highest in 10 years.... show more

Best answer: Exactly. The same with plastic bags - there re biodigradeable, so what is with banning plastic bags? Just change for digredeable

I'm a university student and am really passionate about reducing plastic as they have a huge effect on our oceans and enviroment. I work i a store as a part time job, and still so many people are buying plastic bags. If posters were produced that could sit on checkouts showing the effects of plastics on the... show more