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In the grocery stores, they charge you a couple cents now to use plastic bags for your groceries to cut down on environmental pollution; but this sounds really stupid to me, when they could just invent biodegradable plastic that actually breaks down instead. With everything else scientists have created, you would... show more

Best answer: Climate is really just the probabilities of weather, so extreme weather is also the most attention-grabbing aspect of a region's climate. Thus, climate change includes a change in the probabilities of many weather extremes.

Why do it then??

Best answer: Not counting smog and emissions. I'm eating Doritos for lunch and they have plenty. In the room where I sit (define exposed......): Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, boric acid, borax, LPG, bottled oxygen, acetone, denatured alcohol (could be methanol but denatured is cheaper), sodium cyanide, dichloromethane, paint... show more

Is renewable energy increasing?

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Natural DIY mosquito repellant?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
I’ve looked up many. But I want to hear from people personally. They absolutely LOVE me and even DEET doesn’t keep them away. I wish to not use chemicals on my skin any longer. Recipes?! Thx!

How to get semen off headboard?

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Best answer: lick it

Best answer: Rooftop Solar Panels Wind Turbines Solar Oven Solar Water Heating Solar Air Conditioning