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Best answer: No. Just send him a tank full of coal emissions and make him breath it in. Then see how likes it after a few minutes (If he is still alive).

Best answer: why do you never cry about Japan hitting Pearl Harbor but Always cry over Hiroshima. ? You hit me..........I can assure'll be hitting the pavement next.

Best answer: The answer is obviously yes and only a complete idiot couldn't figure that out on their own.

Should cars switch from oil to LNG?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
There won't be any more wars in the middle east if the switch is made. Cars will have more horse power than electric cars. Electric cars indirectly use mostly fossil fuels since that's what generates the most electricity. Natural gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels. Therefore, isn't it logical that cars... show more

Best answer: hybrid if human pedals too

Best answer: It's tough to say, but experts seem to be very optimistic about both hybrid and fully electric cars. On the one hand you have the petroleum industry. Many places are suffering from oil spills and leakages, especially in third world countries. Add to that the pollution created by processing the petroleum into... show more

Best answer: You'll need to do your own research on details, but here's a start. Electric cars have no point of use pollution, but they do require electricity for charging and in a lot of places, excess draw on the power grid is still supplied by burning coal. Not exactly environmentally friendly. Life span and battery... show more

Best answer: I dont think so, I think in time it will electric and batteries, I mean why use electricity to manufacture hydrogen and then convert it back to electricity in a fuel cell. Small aircraft can be powered by batteries but not large ones, as the power required rises exponentially and a larger aircraft would not be able... show more

Water fueled Car Vs Electric Car?

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Should future vehicles run on Water instead of Electricity.

Best answer: The answer is that we don't know what prices it will be at. It's too far in the future to tell. It will likely keep being a small, insignificant part of transportation and may fizzle out entirely in the next few decades due to the advances in battery electric technology that is likely the type of technology... show more

What's your favorite fruit?

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How is your Monday shaping up so far?

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Best answer: Look love Monday

So how are they eco friendlier than a regular gas car?

WHy does everyone love money?

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Best answer: Because it makes life a lot easier.