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Seems like it would use more energy than it would produce or else we would already be doing that on earth

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Toyota and Nissan seem to stop manufacturing diesel engine cars. What will happen to diesel fuel? Will it be available in the future? Will it be more expensive? It used to be half price of gasoline in Asia. I am interested in owning a diesel car in near future. Thank you.

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How can I charge electric cars?

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I am renting an apartment has no electric car charge hook ups. There is no charge stations near us either. I am not able to spend thousands $s to be installed a charger. Is there wireless electric charger available? What should be done? Thank you.

Best answer: The New World Order global government needs global funding. Climate Change is a good excuse for a global tax. The UN is already in place. So is the World Bank. Carbon Tax, Carbon Credits, Carbon Exchanges and things like the Paris Accord are already collecting money. Where does it all go? It will eventually be... show more

Best answer: It depends what is most efficient. I like the fuel cell concept. I actually would love manufacturers to stop spending money on BEVs and do more development work on fuel cells, because the storage of energy is ridiculous for BEVs. And what about the coal-burning generation to produce the energy for plug-ins? Seems... show more

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Question about electric cars?

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Do they use different materials for making electric cars, like the chassis and the main body of the car? Because I've always felt that electric cars look slightly different to normal fuel cars, they look a bit more plasticy.

Best small electric car?

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Will this allow us to keep using internal combustion engines and jet engines?

Can car fuel tank have a blast?

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I have herd about a plane crash due to fuel tank explosion. Can car fuel tank have similar blast? We all know that gasoline is much more flammable than aviation fuel and a small spark can lead to fire and we have electronics components in fuel tank too, like fuel pump and fuel level sensor. Then how do modern cars... show more

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Best answer: Both are easily renewed, but the storage of liquid or gaseous hydrogen is significantly more costly and VASTLY MORE DANGEROUS than gasoline. Igniting hydrogen yields great power output, but if your engine malfunctions, it won't be a fire. It will be a bomb that takes out two or three cars around you. I think... show more

Best answer: You probably could but you might not make it all the way.

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