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Best answer: Electric buses are becoming more popular so diesel is not the only option for buses. Electric bike is better for the environment than a diesel bus, it will probably get you to your destination faster then a bus regardless if the bus is electric or diesel and an added benefit is that you get some exercise. The... show more

And do you find it better than Electric?

Best answer: sure

There's this reporter for The Detroit Free Press who covers autos for that newspaper and lives in downtown Detroit and he gave up his car.

Best answer: they probably do, im sure they have to pay bills too

Best answer: Nope. But the meters can be hacked in various ways. Meter Readers might know them, but they take a while, electricity has to be off, etc, and it can cost them their job. All for nothing as they would get nothing out of it...

Best answer: the electric scooter, because it has no emissions, if the electricity to charge the scooter is gained from renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy.

Best answer: yes

Ive recently been considering buying an electric car as my current car is starting to get old. I'm trying to research some benefits of owning an electric car, the main arguments that I have come across include that they are cheaper to maintain and that it is better for the environment, if you guys know any... show more

Best answer: Some companies have designs for such wind/sail cargo or tanker ships...time will tell if they become more popular and useful. Modern Rotor Sail designs using the Magnus effect which date back to the 1920's may be an easier and better way to achieve cost reductions in fuel consumption. "Wind power firm... show more

Best answer: You are correct. A gallon of gasoline contains an equivalent of about 34kWh of energy. The battery on most early affordable EV's was around 25kWh or less. Not only that, but all EV's are designed to use at most only about 85 to 90 percent of the battery's capacity since doing that can help extend the... show more

Well coal and natural gas powered vehicles

Best answer: In a state like West Virginia where nearly all energy comes from Coal, an electric car has about the carbon footprint of a gas vehicle that gets 30 MPH. So, better than a pickup, but not better than a small gas-efficient or hybrid car. But coal plants are cleaner, they output less particulate pollution than auto... show more

Best answer: Of course. Coal power stations are about 35% efficient, add in losses from transmission lines, transformers, battery chargers, battery losses and the modern internal combustion engine is way more efficient. Wind solar and hydro will never supply enough energy for us all to drive EV's and until we have enough... show more

If you are asked by kids "Why don't planes go against the earth's rotation to reach their destinations?", How will you answer it scientifically?

Best answer: Rare metals. Fossil fuels have hundreds of years to go before they run low.